Our Experienced Hair Transplant Doctor

Hair Transplant Doctor in Turkey Resat Arpaci

Dr. M. Resat Arpaci is our experienced hair transplant surgeon and has successfully effectuated
more than 5000 hair transplants over the years.

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Updated on Tuesday 21st July 2020


Google reviews 

Ayhan Altngl - I had a hair transplant 1 year ago and I am very satisfied. Thank you to the whole team.

Sedat Beygirci - I recently visited Prime HTC in Istanbul  and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of hair transplantation. I did my due diligence and looked at several options before I chose Dr.Arpaci Clinic, I have to say I did not regret. They are the best from a quality, price, location and customer service point of view.
The entire  facility, including the patient room, truly good. Their customer service is outstanding, the staff is very nice and friendly. Their doctors and assistants are amazing and the whole procedure went well from the very first consultation.

Serhat Celik - I advise everyone to chose this place for hair transplants surgery.
They are experts in this medical sector, customer service is amazing, friendly and willing to offer the best to make their customers happy and satisfied.
I like this clinic and recommend it to everyone. Regards from me for everyone in there.

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Testimonials about our website

Here are some testimonials of several persons who have accessed our website:

Vlad CucI entered HairTransplantTurkey.org in search for information on the most employed techniques used in hair transplants. I found a lot of useful details on the procedures employed to complete such an operation. I recommend this website to all those who need accurate information on hair transplants.

Cristian DarieIn my research about the latest techniques in the hair transplant industry I came across HairTransplantTurkey.org which provided me with useful information on the most modern approaches. More than that, I also found out that Turkey is one of the cheapest countries in the word to get a hair transplant. I totally recommend this site for the detailed manner in which the information is presented.