Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Norway

Updated on Thursday 09th April 2020

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Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Norway Image
An increasing number of Norwegian patients, both men and women, are turning to Istanbul as a solution for their hair loss or baldness issues after analyzing the prices for hair transplants in Turkey and Norway. With affordable costs, high level of medical services, greatly trained physicians and a friendly culture, it is no wonder Turkey is considered an attractive hair transplant destination.

Hair transplant costs in Turkey and Norway

To be able to make a price comparison for hair transplant between Turkey and Norway, it is required to be aware that generally, prices for such procedures depend largely on a number of factors, such as:

•    The desired hair thickness;
•    The desired outcome – the hair line design and temple angle closure;
•    The current degree of hair loss;
•    Body hair;
•    The type of transplant that is needed – beard, moustache, eyebrow or scalp restoration;
•    The hair transplant technique: FUE or strip hair transplant (FUT);
•    The scalp area that needs transplantation – crown, hair line, mid scalp etc.
•    If the patient has previously undergone another hair transplant.

Therefore, subject to these aspects, the hair transplant costs can vary in both countries. However, as a general description, the price comparison for hair transplant between Turkey vs. Norway reveals that a typical procedure would cost:

•    in Turkey: around EU 1,700; find here more information about the hair transplant cost in Turkey.
•    in Norway: starting from approximately EU 3,300.

Benefits of hair transplant in Istanbul

Hair transplantation in Istanbul presents a number of benefits which transform the way hair transplant was perceived in the past, as being a luxury available mostly to the rich and famous. Nowadays, besides the affordable costs, Turkey is starting to become a top destination for hair transplant patients coming from all over the world because of benefits such as:

•    modern technology;
•    high number of satisfied patients;
•    natural looking results;
•    experienced and reputable hair transplant surgeons who speak English fluently;
•    knowledge on the latest and most effective hair transplant methods;
•    traveling to one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

If you would like to know details about the hair transplant cost in Turkey or if you would like to receive a personalized offer, we invite you to get in touch with us. Our doctors can also help you if you need hairline lowering surgery in Turkey.