Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Japan

Updated on Tuesday 11th February 2020

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Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Japan Image
Hair transplant operations have become popular and clinics in which such procedures are completed have appeared in most countries in the world. Nevertheless, Turkey was among the pioneer countries to make an industry out of hair transplants. Other countries such as Japan, which is without a doubt one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, started to follow. However, Turkey has one great advantage over Japan: the price.

According to the Japanese Dermatological Association, there are around 8 million men in Japan who are worried about hair loss. With higher costs of living and employment workforce, Japan is one of the countries with high prices for hair transplants. The solution is handy: a trip to Turkey for hair restoration in our clinic, which is much cheaper, has permanent results and, most importantly perhaps, renders extremely natural looking results which cannot be classified as hair transplants even by hair stylists.

Annually, we welcome a great number of patients into our hair transplant clinic in Turkey to whom we strive to offer the best services at very affordable costs.

Prices for hair transplants in Turkey and Japan

When it comes to the prices for hair transplants in Turkey and Japan, patients from Japan can be relieved to know they do not have to put aside a small fortune to get a hair transplant done in Istanbul. Prices in Japan for hair restorations average at around USD 4 per graft, resulting in a total cost of approximately USD 11,200 for an FUE hair transplant necessitating 2,800 grafts. The price for a similar hair restoration procedure in Turkey, however, is of only around USD 4,390, at USD 1.57 per graft. Therefore, Japanese patients can save more than 50% on average when they come to Turkey for this kind of procedures.

Different hair transplant methods and their costs in Turkey

In short terms, hair transplantation can be achieved through two hair restoration methods:

•    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUT): it utilizes strips of hair extracted from the donor areas of the scalp and which are then transplanted on the areas without hair. It is a more traditional technique, being easier to achieve and therefore it is less costly; you may find here more details about the hair transplant cost in Turkey.
•    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): in this hair restoration method, single hair follicles are harvested and then transplanted on the hairless scalp zones. As it requires more skills from the surgeon who effectuates it and possibly more sessions in order to render the desired outcomes, the FUE technique is more expensive than the more traditional FUT one.

The price involving a hair restoration is perhaps the most important aspect when considering such a procedure. The low hair transplant cost in Turkey reflects the costs of living and employment of the workforce in this country, the operations being effectuated in our clinic by licensed physicians who have achieved successful results for numerous clients ever since our inception. Our clinic provides high-quality services and state of the art technology, similar to those in Japan and any other Western European country.

Comparison of hair loss treatments in Turkey and Japan

Hair transplant clinics do not only offer hair restoration operations, but they also specialize in offering many services, among which hair loss treatments are quite common. Given the fact that not all people seek hair transplants from the very beginning, in our modern clinic in Istanbul, the doctors have completed a lot of research on hair loss patterns in order to offer complete services to those who come here.

Compared to Japanese clinics, in our Turkish clinic, patients will have access to various hair loss treatments, among which:
  •           the Platelet Rich Plasma therapy which will stimulate hair growth, and which is a great alternative to a hair transplant;
  •           mesotherapy which is another hair growth stimulation method for those interested in such treatment;
  •           scalp micro-pigmentation which can be a great alternative for those unsure on the procedure to undertake;
  •           low-level laser therapy in which light and heat are used to treat hair loss in both male and female patients.

Speaking about male and female patients, we offer a wide range of hair loss treatments for both types of patients. We mention this because it is usually harder to treat female patients.

A wide variety of hair transplant operations

The hair transplant industry has evolved a lot and our surgeons in Turkey have gotten acquainted with all the procedures available on the market at the moment, which is why they are able to perform the hair transplant operations on various parts of the body, including the face. Beard, mustache, eyebrow and even eyelash hair restoration are possible in our clinic in Istanbul.

Innovative hair transplant methods in Turkey vs Japan

Japan is not the only country using high-tech tools and techniques for hair transplants, as our doctors in Turkey have also specialized in using them. Among the innovative hair transplant techniques, you will find in our hair transplant clinic in Turkey are dense packing, transgrafts, Neografts, and the implanter pen and so on.

Also, the costs of innovative procedures are lower than those in Japan because the whole hair transplant operation cost is lower here than in other countries.

We invite you to discuss your options with our doctors in Istanbul in order to make an idea related to the costs of such procedures in Turkey compared to Japan.

Personalized services in Turkey

If you have trouble in choosing a hair transplant clinic, we can advise on what you can find in our clinic in Istanbul. First of all, all the services will be tailored to your needs. After a first discussion and evaluation of your condition, one of our doctors will recommend you the best course of action, which does not necessarily have to be a hair transplant operation. Also, we have different doctors for each specialty, and you can book an appointment based on your unique condition.

Our surgeons are highly experienced and up to date with all the modern techniques related to the hair loss treatments. In our clinic, you will find some of the best facilities in the world, which are just as modern as the techniques we use.

Why choose Turkey over Japan for a hair transplant?

Turkey has made a very prosperous industry out of medical tourism and just as the name says, medical tourism implies coming here for both leisure but also medical reasons. Moreover, you can create personalized packages which can include both visiting unique places, such as museums and mosques while recovering after a hair transplant operation. Most of the times, choosing such a package is usually cheaper, so why not combine usefulness and pleasure and have a great vacation which changing your appearance?

We remind you again that Turkey is one of the most sought destinations in the world when it comes to hair transplants and many of our clients have walked out of here with great and natural-looking results.

If you would like to receive a personalized offer for a hair transplant with us, we invite you to contact our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. We invite you to come to our hair transplant clinic in Turkey and talk to one of our surgeons about your expectations after such a procedure and for a personalized treatment scheme.