Updated on Thursday 05th December 2019

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1. Turkish cosmetic surgery market is the first choice for Romanians

"Turkey remains one of the top choices for medical tourism, particularly hair transplant procedures. According to, a popular clinic for foreign patients, the number of Romanians who opt for the services offered by the hair restoration clinic in Istanbul has increased in recent years."



2. De ce este Turcia una dintre cele mai populare destinații pentru transplantul de păr?

"Prețurile mult mai scăzute decât în alte țări, atât din Europa cât și din Orientul Mijlociu sau SUA, sunt principalul motiv pentru care turcii sunt cunoscuți în acest domeniu. Mai mult decât atât, clinicile care oferă aceste tipuri de tratamente sunt moderne și dotate cu echipamente medicale de calitate."



3. Wellness & Health: Premature Hair Thinning & How To Combat It

"A balanced healthy diet is essential and, if necessary, multivitamins to avoid any nutritional deficiencies. Effective stress management is also important and exercising regularly and practicing mediation will help both short and long term anxiety."




4. Best countries for starting a hair transplant clinic

"One of the best destinations for starting a hair transplant clinic is Turkey, which is now seen as the most attractive hair transplant destination for foreign patients. The reason behind Turkey’s success in the field of hair transplant procedures is given by the reliability of the procedures, completed at very competitive prices."




5. Why are hair transplants in Turkey so popular among British men? Here's the answer

"British men prefer to perform their hair transplant procedures in Turkey due to the fact that the country is now the hotspot of the hair transplant industry, as it is estimated that approximately 5,000 persons arrive here solely for this purpose."