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Planning Your Trip to Turkey

Updated on Monday 06th April 2020

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So, you have decided to come to Turkey for a hair transplant! You have made the right decision!

The first step when planning your trip in Turkey for a hair transplant is that we would like to know initial information necessary in order for us to have an idea of what your needs are. A lot of times, we deal with patients from outside Turkey. Because of this, we would like to know different information about you, which can be accepted as a viable alternative to a personal consultation. This data is comprised of:

•    Personal information;
•    Medical history;
•    Hair history;
•    It would very much be helpful if you can send us photos showing your hair loss degree.

By providing us with this data, our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey can provide you with an initial plan for the hair transplant surgery and a personalized hair transplant cost in Turkey. If you are a viable candidate for hair transplantation and you schedule for the operation, your surgeon will make sure to finalize the hair transplantation plan on the day of your operation.

Accommodation in Turkey

Generally, it is advisable to book the accommodation in Istanbul in advance because the city tends to be quite busy during the entire year. A lot of places have internet booking services so that you can book a room from the comfort of your home or office. Even though Turkey has a flourishing economy, prices maintain a good value compared to Western European standards, with five stars hotel room prices ranging from EU 110 to EU 180 and EU 200 to EU 500 for restored palaces or very exclusive hotels. Two or three stars hotels are less expensive, with prices ranging from EU 50 to EU 90. There are also the unrated hotels licensed by municipalities which can be as good as any two or three stars hotel, with en-suite bathrooms, television and phones, with prices averaged at around EU 35 to EU 40 per night. 

No matter what your preferences are, you can find an accommodation in Istanbul which best suits your needs and budget and still save a lot of money since the prices are so low and advantageous.

Hair transplant cost in Turkey and other travel expenses 

When planning your trip to Turkey, keep in mind that the total price will include the cost of:

•    Consultations, hair transplant procedure and treatments;
•    Hotel expenses;
•    Travel costs to and from Turkey, including any airport taxes if you choose to travel by air;
•    Travel within Turkey;
•    Various entrance taxes for different touristic destinations such as museums, if you are planning to visit the tourist attractions of the city.

Please contact our hair transplant specialists in Turkey and let us know precisely what your expectations are, what facilities and travelling arrangements best suit your preferences, what touristic expectations you have when planning your trip to Turkey and we will do our best to present you with a plan which fits all your wishes and needs.