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How Many Days Do Transplanted Grafts Take to Adapt?

Updated on Monday 01st October 2018

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How Many Days Do Transplanted Grafts Take to Adapt? Image
A hair transplant procedure implies several actions. These are the preparation of the donor area and the recipient area, the transplant itself which implies collecting the hair follicles and their relocation to the bald areas of the head and the healing period which implies for several days for the newly-implanted grafts to adapt and start growing.

Our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey have a few recommendations for patients who have undergone such procedure and who are waiting for the hair grafts to adapt and see the final results.

Hair grafts – what are they?

The hair transplantation procedure in Turkey implies collecting hair follicles through the FUE or any other method and implanting them on bald areas on the head or other parts of the body. In this process, the hair graft represents the tissue with the hair on it which is first removed from the donor area and then implanted on the recipient site.

The health of hair graft is crucial in order for these to “survive” and adapt to the new area. In our hair transplant clinic in Turkey, harvesting and transplanting healthy grafts is crucial.

It takes 10 days for the first hair transplant grafts to adapt

One of the most frequent questions related to a hair transplant is related to how much time it takes for the first results to show. The first result is indicated by the grafts which have adapted to the recipient area and have started growing.

The first 10 days should be the first to indicate that the new hair grafts have started adapting. Here is what to expect in these first days:
  •           before these 10 days, the new hair follicles must adapt to the new recipient area, so no notable results will appear;
  •           the postoperative care must be considered in order for the new grafts to adapt;
  •           during the first week, the grafts need not be touched by the patient in order for them to adapt;
  •           during the second week, scabs or crust can appear in the transplanted area, however, this is normal;
  •           in the second week, the patient is recommended to use baby oil on the new hair grafts in order to soften the scabs.

After the second week, the new hair grafts should be adapted.

If you have undergone a hair transplant in Turkey, it is recommended to follow-up with our doctors for postoperative instructions, so please contact us.