FAQ about the Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Updated on Friday 11th September 2020

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Hair transplants are among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the world because they are quite easy on the patient, most of them requiring local anesthesia and short recovery time. These two important features of hair transplants convince many male and female patients to come to our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul and ask for such an operation.

Even if most patients are up to date with hair transplant procedures, the costs are usually a little bit of a mystery, as many persons still have a lot of questions about the price of such a procedure.

Our hair transplant personnel have answered below some of the most frequently asked questions on the hair transplant costs in Turkey. We also invite you to ask us any questions you might have about the hair transplant procedure.
  1. Is it true that a hair transplant in Turkey is cheaper than in European countries?

Yes, that is correct. The price of a hair transplant operation can be reduced by 20% to 30% in Turkey compared to other European destinations.
  1. Is a hair transplant cheaper in Turkey compared to Asian countries?

Yes, that is also true. A hair transplant in Turkey can be 10% to 20% cheaper in Turkey than in Asia.
  1. Why the cost difference between Turkey and other countries?

The differences come from several aspects when it comes to the cost of a hair transplant operation. Among these, we can mention the following:
  1. the number of hair transplant clinics in Turkey is higher, therefore the competition asks for lower prices;
  2. Turkey is located close to both Europe and Asia which makes it quite cheap to travel to;
  3. Turkey already had the infrastructure for accommodating medical facilities in resorts which determined hair transplant clinics to reduce the prices;
  4. the large number of techniques which can be used for a hair transplant in Turkey can lead to a lower cost of the procedure.

Our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey can offer more information on why a hair transplant operation is cheaper here than in other countries around the world.
  1. What is the cheapest hair transplant procedure in Turkey?

The FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation procedure is usually the cheapest procedure you can ask for when undergoing a hair transplant in our clinic in Istanbul. However, we must let clients know that even if they choose this procedure, an initial evaluation is required in order to make sure this technique suits you the best.
  1. Are there other hair transplant techniques with similar prices?

Another method we often use in our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul is the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction method, which is slightly more expensive, however, the difference is quite small. Once again, we must clients advise to first come to our clinic for a pre-operatory consult in order to make sure that the selected procedure can be performed.
  1. What is the cost difference between FUE and FUT in Turkey?

The difference of costs between the FUE and FUT procedures is of just a few hundred euros in favor of the FUT method, however, the difference could be spent on other treatments if the right procedure is not selected from the beginning.
  1. How much does an FUE hair transplant cost in Turkey?

The average cost of an FUE hair transplant in Turkey is around 2,500 euros, however, the final cost will be determined once the number of grafts to be implanted is established.
  1. What is the cost of a FUT hair transplant in Turkey?

The average cost of a hair transplant through the FUT method is about 2,200 euros, however, the same principle related to the number of strips to be transplanted applies.
  1. Are there other costs I should consider for a hair transplant in Turkey?

Yes, you should also consider the travel and accommodation costs if you are from another country. While we can offer packages which include these costs, you are can also decide to come here on a city break or vacation which will imply the travel costs to be supported by you.
  1. How long should I expect to stay in Turkey after a hair transplant?

The procedure can be completed in a maximum of 2 days, so the recovery time is quite low. Then, you can decide how long you want to stay in Turkey, based on your budget. We can only tell you that there is plenty to see around here if you want to stay longer.

A few interesting facts about hair transplants

A recent study conducted by Bernstein Medical on the benefits of hair transplant indicates that:
  • half of the male population over the age of 40 in the world experience hair loss;
  • out of the 122 participants in the study, 47.5% were men who looked on average 3.6 years younger after a hair transplant;
  • the result indicated a 17% improvement in the attractiveness of the participants;
  • a 14.2% improvement in successfulness was also noted on the participants in the study.

If you have any other questions on the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey, please contact us.