When Can I Use Styling Products after a Hair Transplant?

Updated on Monday 17th October 2016

When Can I Use Styling Products after a Hair Transplant? Image
Wanting to use styling products after undertaking a hair transplant operation it is understandable, with patients being eager to try new hairstyles and looks. However, in order to stay on the safe side for your hair and head, our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey will recommend their patients to normally wait for a several weeks before doing so. The area needs time to heal before submitting it to heat or hair styling products.

Scalp care after a hair transplant in Turkey

After a hair transplant in Istanbul, our surgeons advise their patients not to utilize any chemicals for five to six weeks. Also, the following hair care measures should be taken:

•    Starting with the 2nd to the 10th day: baby shampoos are recommended, mainly the ones with as little additives as possible so that they do not irritate the newly transplanted areas;
•    Avoiding using a hair dryer on the hottest setting for two to three weeks after the operation;
•    Avoiding brushing, combing or blow drying the hair, even on the cool setting, until the scabs and flakes have disappeared; 
•    After two to three weeks, regular shampoos can be utilized for washing the hair;
•    Hair coloring is advised to be effectuated after five to six weeks from the date of the hair transplant in Turkey. In that period, the transplanted hairs will be in a resting stage before beginning to grow out in the third or fourth month.

Types of hair styling products after a hair transplant surgery in Turkey

Hair styling products after a hair transplant surgery in Turkey include mousses, gels and sprays which can be put on the hair after washing it. Their main use is adding a shine to the hair and being able to hold a hair style. Hair styling products which can be used after a hair restoration can hold the hair in place and hide the newly transplanted areas of the scalp and holding the hair in a way which makes it look thicker

No hair styling products should however be utilized until the postsurgical healing has taken place. Although these products do not represent harmful factors, they can create burning and stinging on an unhealed head skin.

Before using any styling products after a hair restoration in our clinic, our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul recommend you to check with them for any specific, customized recommendations. Please get in touch with us to find out more. We invite you to visit this page for more details about the hair transplant cost in Turkey.