The Most Common Signs of Hair Loss

Updated on Saturday 21st July 2018

Hair loss is a very serious matter and patients coming to our hair transplant clinic in Turkey often come when all other treatment options are exhausted, and the only option is the transplant. This why our hair transplant physicians have put together a guide on the early signs of hair loss which should help you in getting treatment unless the hair transplant is your first choice.

Hair loss signs are different in men and women

Nowadays, hair loss is one of the most frequent medical problems both men and women have. Stress is the main factor in women with thinning hair. Certain diseases and pregnancy can also lead to hair loss in women. In men, on the other hand, hair loss is more frequent, and in some cases, it is also a natural process if genetic factors are considered.

For those who don’t know if they suffer from hair loss which should be medically treated, here are the most common hair loss signs:
  •           in men, the receding hairline and hair thinning are the most common sings;
  •           women will usually experience thinning hair at the crown of the head;
  •           patches of hairs are also a strong indicator of hair loss in both men and women;
  •           the loss of hair on the body is another indicator of hair loss.

No matter the signs, it is advisable to contact a dermatologist as soon as possible who can further refer you to our physicians. You can also contact our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul directly.

How to treat hair loss

Once you come in for a consult with our hair transplant doctors in Turkey, they will assess your condition and recommend the steps to follow. They can recommend you treatments and shampoos you can use to deter the hair from falling, or they can recommend directly a hair transplant.

It is also quite common for the hair transplant to be the first option for patients experiencing hair loss. This happens because the hair transplant will resolve the problem for good and the results render a natural look.

If you are experiencing hair loss and need more information on the best solution to deal with this problem, our physicians will make the best recommendations which are always personalized. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information on how to get a hair transplant in Turkey and for an exact hair transplant cost in Turkey for your particular case.