Myths and Facts about Hair Loss

Updated on Saturday 24th September 2016

Myths and Facts about Hair Loss Image
With today’s expanding hair loss industry, one can get confused among the advices given by so called hair loss gurus who assert all types of pieces of advice meant to sell products worth billions of dollars. Here are a few myths and facts about hair loss evidenced by science which should shed some light on the subject.

Myth: Hair transplants look unnatural

Facts are, hair transplant surgeries used to have questionable results in the past. However, with today’s modern hair transplantation methods in Turkey and the experienced surgeons and medical team members, hair transplants operations are able to achieve extremely natural looking, unnoticeable results. 

Myth: Hats can cause hair loss

In fact, the majority of hair loss patterns are resulted from genetic reasons, not because the patient wears hats often. There can be though other medical reasons for hair loss.

Myth: Hair loss is inherited from the mother’s side

Actually, it is one of the myths and facts about hair loss which is worth mentioning. It is a myth because hair loss is determined by genes inherited from both of your parents and it is likely that you inherited a mixture of hair genes from both of them.

Myth: The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method is always preferable

FUE is a more modern hair transplantation technique, being minimally invasive and producing unnoticeable scarring. However, it is not always recommended by surgeons, especially for patients with thin donor hair, in which cases the FUT method is advisable. 

Myth: Hair loss causes by heredity only occurs to men

Hereditary hair loss only with men is another one of the myths and facts about hair loss which are worth being discussed. In reality, women can also suffer from hair loss caused by heredity, with 30 million women affected by this type of hair loss only in the U.S. However, women usually have a different hair loss pattern than men, even though the hair goes through the same thinning process in both sexes.

If you suffer from hair loss, hair transplant in Turkey can be the most appropriate option, producing permanent and natural looking results at extremely affordable prices. Please contact us to schedule a hair transplant procedure with our surgeons in Istanbul or to learn more about the myths and facts about hair loss.