How to Choose a Hair Loss Treatment

Updated on Wednesday 10th October 2018

Hair loss is one of the most common problems of the scalp for both men and women. While the causes may be different for each case, the treatment of such a condition must target the exact need of each patient. Those experiencing hair loss are advised to come to our hair transplant clinic in Turkey for a consult. They will help patients determine the cause and advise the right treatment for hair loss.

The consult for obtaining a hair loss treatment

While most people are inclined to simply go to a pharmacy and buy medicines or shampoos when noticing they are starting to lose their hair, it is highly recommended to undergo a consult with a dermatologist who will perform some tests and find out the exact cause of the hair loss.

Our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey are experienced in helping patients facing hair loss due to various reasons. Those who decide to come in for a consult will be thoroughly examined, will discuss with our doctors and will be required to undergo specific tests to discover the cause of hair loss. Based on these results, our doctor will propose the right treatment.

Our hair transplant doctors in Istanbul will propose personalized hair loss treatments based on each patient’s history.

Common hair loss treatments recommended by our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey

Most people believe that coming for a consult with a hair transplant doctor will automatically imply undergo a hair transplant. However, it is important for them to know that our surgeons will first recommend patients experiencing mild and medium hair loss various types of medical treatments in order to stop the hair from falling.

Severe hair loss which has already led to alopecia or baldness is usually when a patient is a good candidate for a hair transplant. In this case, the FUE or FUT methods are recommended. Our surgeons can also recommend micro pigmentation for the patient to first see how the hairline will look after undergoing a hair transplant in Turkey.

If you are experiencing hair loss and need professional advice, do not hesitate to contact our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul. We can offer various solutions which help patients recover their self-confidence if they suffer from hair loss.