Do’s and Dont’s For Hair Loss Sufferers

Updated on Sunday 01st April 2018

If you are starting to see the progression of hair loss on your scalp, there are certain things which our hair transplant physicians in Turkey advise you to do and not to do in order to slow down the progression of this condition. Here are a few do’s and dont’s for hair loss sufferers.

Do’s for hair loss as recommended by our physicians in Turkey

Our Turkey hair transplant surgeons recommend you to take the following measures if you suffer from hair loss:
Dry your hair with care: a rough or strong toweling of the hair could break the weak hairs and it may damage the new follicles. Therefore, after washing your hair, make sure you dry it gently to avoid this from happening;
Keep your hair short: if you are a long hair fan, it is time to update your looks. As we age, if we are losing hair, the longer hairstyles only make the hair loss look even more accentuated. A shorter cut maximizes the coverage, making you look younger;
Decrease the stress: if you stress out about your hair loss, it will only make things worse. Instead, look for proactive ways for dealing with it like going at the gym to keep yourself in shape or schedule for a hair transplant in Istanbul in our clinic;
Eat healthy: a diet which is rich in essential nutrients, proteins and minerals will offer your hair the essentials it requires in order to have a strong growth.

Dont’s for hair loss brought to you by our Turkey hair transplant specialists

If you are starting to suffer from hair loss, our Turkey hair transplant physicians advise you not to:
Style your hair in excess: if you utilize too much hair products, your scalp can become dry or inflamed, which is not beneficial for your healthy hair;
Wait too long before taking measures: if you observe you are suffering from hair loss, it is time to take measures early and consult with one of our physicians on the most appropriate treatments right from the start;
Comb the hair on the bald areas: it is an ineffective and quite outdated method of concealing baldness;
Wear a hat to hide it: hats and caps directly come into contact with your hair. This may increase the stress which is placed on your hair, which will eventually cause even more hair loss.
If you would like to know more hair loss do’s and dont’s, or to schedule for an initial consultation with our physicians, please get in touch with our hair transplant clinic in Turkey.