A Microscopic View of the Hair

Updated on Monday 03rd July 2017

A Microscopic View of the Hair Image
Hair transplantation methods have developed in a major manner since their inception around half a century ago. These methods were able to develop also because of the scientific research of the physical and chemical properties of the hair.

In this article, our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey make a brief microscopic overview of the hair.

Ethnic differences explained by our hair transplant physicians in Turkey

When putting the hair fibers under a powerful microscope and examining them with sophisticated chemical analysis, scientists discovered more on the hair complex structure and the properties which define the ethnic categories.

The three major ethnic hair types are the Asian, African and Caucasian ones. These ethnic differences bring important considerations in terms of aesthetics for the hair transplant in Istanbul.

For example, Asian hair under a microscope has the greatest diameter with circular geometry, whilst the African and Caucasian hair displays an elliptic section.

Light microscopy and hair transplants in Istanbul

The analysis of the hair under light microscopy is an important clinical tool utilized by our Turkey hair transplant surgeons to diagnose different conditions which can affect the hair.

This way, our specialists can observe any hair abnormalities in the main conditions which are affecting the hair or as a secondary connection of hair in certain illnesses of the scalp.

Hair abnormalities also are a part of a wide variety of syndromes and genodermatoses and can be observed in many acquired infectious and non-infectious illnesses.

The hair shaft observed under a microscope

Under the microscope, the cuticle layer of the hair is strongly connected to the inner cortex. This cuticle layer is thin and it covers the cortical cells from under it.

Cortical cells form the bulk of the hair and the cortex confers the resilience, shape and cosmetic attribute named body.

If the cortex is analyzed in a cross-section with an electron microscope, our hair transplant doctors in Turkey observe something similar to an electrical cable formed by hundreds of tightly packed small wires.

These macro- and micro-fibers are connected with each other to form the particular characteristics of the ethnic hair.

For more about the hair under the microscope, or if you would like to schedule for a hair transplant procedure with us, please get in touch with our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul.