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Updated on Monday 05th July 2021

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Our hair transplant clinic is a renowned hair restoration clinic in Istanbul. We have a team of doctors specialized in hair transplant in Turkey that has registered excellent results over the course of many years. We operate in a state-of-the-art facility located in Istanbul. Our private clinic is accredited by international and Turkish organizations and provides the highest standards of operations.

Experienced team of hair transplant doctors

Every procedure represents the combined effort of a large team of professionals, therefore all our employees are specialized and experienced in the domain of hair transplant in Turkey. Each member of our team, be it the anesthesia administrator, or the person in charge of the separation and preservation of the hair grafts, has met our high requirements in regards to specialization and experience. 

Hair transplant services offered by our Turkish doctors

Our specialists are experienced in traditional hair restoration, as well as beard and moustache transplants. We have a unique advantage in hair transplants for women as well. 

If you need a hair transplant, our team of doctors in Turkey can provide you with personalized solutions. We guarantee excellent results and a fast and easy recovery after a hair transplant performed at our clinic in IstanbulIf you would like to find out more about our services, please contact usFor a customized offer, please send us a detailed e-mail at: office@hair-transplant-turkey.org.