Scar Repair in Turkey

Updated on Tuesday 07th June 2016

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In some cases, patients are left with large scars due to outdated strip procedures or multiple operations. For them, there is hope. These scars can be either surgically removed or the hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul can utilize the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) scar repair method in Turkey in order to conceal them, by transplanting grafts on them. Even though the scars will not be completely healed, if they are minimized or covered with hair, the patient will be able to wear his or her hair shorter than before.

Scar removal in Turkey

In order to have a successful scar removal operation in Turkey, the patient should have an appropriate scalp laxity. To accomplish this, the patient has to execute scalp stretching exercises before having the operation. 

A scalp stretching exercise consists of placing the hands with interlocked fingers on the back of the head, putting on pressure and moving the skin of the scalp upwards and downwards. Another type of scalp stretching exercise consists in placing the palms of the hands above the ears, putting on pressure and moving the skin upwards and downwards.

Our doctors will revise the patient’s scalp and provide the instructions on how much time this exercises should be performed before the scar removal operation.

The scar removal procedure itself consists of extracting hairs from the body or head using the FUE method and transplanting them on the scarred tissue. It is important to note that the growth rate and survival of the new grafts on the scarred tissue is smaller than those transplanted on healthy skin and can vary depending on the type of scars. This is the reason why our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul generally implant some test grafts first in order to observe if it is useful to extract more hair follicles.

Scar repair in Turkey using the FUE method

For the patients who want to conceal their scars, the FUE hair transplant method can be used by transplanting grafts on the wounds. This will enable patients to wear their hair shorter without the scar being perceptible. 

FUE is a non-invasive scar repair method in Turkey that enables the correct distribution of hair follicles that are hand-picked after diameter and structure during the repair operation. They will eventually restore the recipient area by rendering it a more natural and aesthetical aspect. With FUE, the donor area is regularly thinned out in order to redistribute extracted grafts on the scalp or scarred skin. Single hair follicles – grafts with only one hair – can precisely be extracted to render a natural looking hairline and assist in correcting any existing wounds. Our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey pay the greatest attention to their patients at selecting, extracting and transplanting hair follicles, while utilizing highly modern precision instruments to prevent further scarring. Every FUE scar repair transplant in Turkey is achieved in order to render naturally looking outcomes on the scalp.

If you are experiencing any scars from previous hair transplants, our hair restoration specialists in Turkey can help you regain a natural looking hair. Please contact us for more information. 


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