Results after a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Updated on Monday 05th June 2017

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Hair transplant in Turkey represents a permanent and cheaper solution to baldness, a condition which distresses millions of men and women from all over the world. Hair loss can acutely affect emotionally and psychologically a lot of people if left untreated.

And that is the reason for which the demand for hair transplantation by people who are affected by hair loss is rising. When it comes to the results after a hair transplant in Turkey, one should keep in mind some of the following aspects: 

1. Hair transplant results are not instant

Most of the times, an FUE hair transplant procedure lasts around six to eight hours to be completed. Nevertheless, the full results after a hair transplant operation in Turkey can be noticed five to eight months later – depending on each patient’s particular biological factors. After the transplantation, the hair that grows from the implanted grafts will ultimately fall out in around four weeks.

This is normal, being a part of the recovery process, so there is no need to panic. You will have to be patient in order to go through the entire process of the transplant, aftercare and recovery of the hair follicles, which lasts a few months. Remember, the results after a hair transplant in Turkey, once seen, will last a lifetime, so it is worth to wait!

2. Set realistic expectations after a hair transplant in Turkey

Modern FUE hair transplantations in Turkey can be extremely efficient for numerous individuals. However, one has to keep in mind that surgeons are only capable of achieving what is physically possible. For cases with highly developed hair loss, a hair transplantation in Turkey might not be successful enough.

When discussing with their patients during the consultation, our surgeons always try to set realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedures. In certain – extremely rare – cases, the hair transplant procedure is not achievable.

3. Hair transplant in Turkey does not stop hair loss

The hair follicles implanted during an FUE operation are not subjected to normal hair loss process. As a result, the outcomes after a hair transplant in Turkey are permanent. However, the hair follicles which were not transplanted could still be affected by hair loss.

Consequently, for some patients a further hair transplant surgery might be needed five to eight years down the line, in order to correct the supplementary hair loss.

4. The outcome of a hair transplant in Turkey is permanent

Hair restoration offers permanent outcomes. And this is the reason why many patients who suffer from permanent hair loss undergo such a procedure. And in Turkey, it is more cost-effective for the long term, creating natural-looking results, as well.

5. The transplanted hair will shed after the operation

When looking at hair transplant results in Turkey, it is important to keep in mind that, two to five weeks following the hair transplant operation in Istanbul, the patient can experience shock loss. This is a normal phase of the healing process, resulting as a reaction to the trauma incurred by the scalp. 

It is also the opportunity to have new and stronger hairs to grow on the transplanted areas. It is a normal process and there is nothing to worry about. This dormant phase in the growth of the hair is only temporary. In several months, patients will be able to observe that the new hair is starting to grow.

6. The overall cost will depend on the amount of transplanted hair

When you come to our clinic for the initial consultation, the physician will make an assessment of how much hair has to be transplanted in order to achieve the desired results. That is the reason why there is no fixed price for such a procedure.

The price for each graft, though, is fixed, depending on the region where you would like to have it transplanted and on the hair restoration method used by the surgeon.

Please contact our Turkey hair transplant specialists if you have any further questions or concerns about the hair trasplant results in Turkey.


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