Repair Hair Transplant in Turkey

Updated on Friday 21st October 2016

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Improperly effectuated hair transplants may lead to unnatural looks. Excessive extraction of grafts with FUE, visible scars caused by FUT, traditional methods utilized for hair restoration like mini grafts and plugs, scalp reductions, poorly designed hairlines, irregular distribution of grafts, too much hair on the forehead and improper hair density could be some of the issues that need to be corrected with a repair hair transplant in Turkey.

We invite you to watch a video that summarizes the main hair transplant repair procedures: 

The methods used for repairing the cosmetic issues resulted from outdated hair transplant techniques have improved greatly over the last ten years. The surgeries for repairing hair transplants in Turkey include the following:


It is a technique in which small follicular units are implanted exactly in front of the larger grafts to hide them, or to improve their form by rendering a softer and more natural looking hairline. 

Graft Removal

It is a more aggressive method of extracting and re-allocating the anomalous grafts to make the consequent camouflage more effective. In graft removal, also called graft excision, the problematic grafts are extracted with care, divided into individual follicular units, and after that they are implanted again in the correct location and direction. The places where the bigger grafts had been extracted are after that sutured closed. In addition to making it possible to use again the same follicular units, another advantage of this method is that, while the grafts are extracted, the scarred tissue is also eliminated, leading to an overall improvement of the appearance of the skin in that particular area. Our Turkish hair transplant surgeons can provide you more details on this technique. 

Combined repair

In some cases, if the grafts are distributed correctly and they are forming the right direction, supplementary follicular units might just be transplanted around them to render a more natural look. In other cases, if there are numerous grafts that need to be extracted, the graft extraction process and re-transplantation could necessitate several sessions. This method in which graft excision and camouflage are used is called combined repair.

Fixing scars

It is a more recent technique in repair hair transplant in Turkey, consisting of utilizing the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) to camouflage an enlarged scar on the donor area. The hair is taken out from around the tissue of the scar and then implanted directly on it.

Laser hair removal

The laser hair removal is used when the transplanted grafts are small, however they had been located wrongly or have the incorrect direction, for example too near to the forehead. In order for this technique to be effective, the underlying tissue has to be approximately normal, so that after the hair is eliminated there should be no signs that a prior surgery took place. 

Other repair hair transplant techniques in Turkey could consist of laser resurfacing (used to repair scars and level the skin), scalp micropigmentation (a permanent enhancing “tattoo” that imitates the extremely short hairs on a shaved scalp) and depleted supply (an appropriate donor hair supply). Our hair transplant physicians in Turkey can provide you more details on these techniques. 

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