Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Switzerland

Updated on Monday 11th July 2016

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Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Switzerland Image
Hair loss and baldness are conditions which can have a negative impact on patients, affecting their self-esteem and image. The price comparison for hair transplant between Turkey and Switzerland demonstrates that in Switzerland these procedures tend to be quite expensive and not everyone affords them. With a country like Turkey however, more Swiss patients can take advantage of natural looking, successful results, at a fraction of the costs they would have to pay for a similar procedure at home.

Hair transplants costs in Turkey vs. Switzerland

As the hair transplant methods have greatly improved, patients nowadays can enjoy esthetic results with minimal scarring. The price comparison for hair transplant between Turkey and Switzerland proves that hair transplants are much more affordable for the average person in Turkey.
An average hair transplant in the two countries costs:

•   in Turkey: around EU 1,500;
•   in Switzerland: approximately EU 8,000.

The prices vary depending on the number of grafts which would have to be transplanted, the hair transplant method used, the patient’s degree of hair loss, whether there was another hair transplant procedure undertaken previously and other aspects. Our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul can make an exact price evaluation after having received more details about the patient’s needs and desired outcome.

Why hair transplant in Turkey?

Seeing this price comparison for hair transplants between Turkey and Switzerland, it is no wonder that Turkey has become one of the most popular hair transplant destinations in the world. An overwhelming number of patients who have undertaken such procedures in Istanbul are extremely satisfied with the results and the standard of medical services offered here. Besides the low costs, hair transplants in Turkey also offer certain other important benefits, such as:

•    highly trained and experienced surgeons;
•    reputable medical staff who speaks English fluently;
•    medical clinics and technology have to abide by high quality standards imposed by the Turkish government;
•    latest hair transplant procedures;
•    enjoying a holiday in a welcoming, friendly culture.

If you are interested in hair transplantation procedures in Turkey, we invite you to get in touch with us.


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