Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Spain

Updated on Tuesday 19th July 2016

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According to a study made by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 40% of men in the entire world suffer from noticeable hair loss by the age of 35. Hair loss can affect self-confidence and can even be a reason for psychological distress, impacting negatively the lives of those who suffer from it. That is why hair transplant procedures are becoming more and more popular, especially the ones effectuated in Turkey, due to the superior quality and price of the operations. A lot of foreign patients are choosing to undertake a hair transplant in Turkey, including the Spanish ones. Hair restoration in this country has permanent, natural looking results and affordable costs, being effectuated in conditions which are similar to Spain, but at much lower prices. Here is a price comparison for hair transplant in Turkey vs. Spain

Hair transplantation prices in Turkey vs. Spain

When it comes to a price comparison for hair transplant between Turkey and Spain, this type of procedure is far too expensive in Spain for the average person to even take it into consideration. With clinics in Spain charging as much as around EU 5,000 for 1,000 units for a hair transplant, more patients from this country are turning to Turkey in order to treat their baldness. Reason being, a Follicular Unit Extraction in Turkey  - the most recently developed hair transplantation method with minimal scarring - consisting of transplanting between 4,000 to 5,000 grafts, combined with a Platelet Rich Plasma therapy and including consultation with the surgeon, all medications which are necessary and post-operative inspection, costs as an average 1,700 EU. 

Therefore, the price comparison for hair transplant between Turkey and Spain proves that the operation in Istanbul can be approximately 70% less expensive than one performed in Spain

What you can expect from a hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplants in Turkey are not only extremely affordable, but they are also offered at high standards of services, along with specialized surgeons and experienced medical teams. Some of the benefits of undertaking such a procedure in Turkey include:

•    state of the art technology;
•    natural looking and permanent outcomes;
•    reputed and experienced hair transplant doctors who are fluent in English;
•    customer oriented, high standard services;
•    latest hair transplant methods;
•    travelling to one of the most attractive holiday destinations in Europe.

When it comes to a price comparison for hair transplants in Turkey vs. Spain, Turkey definately leads the way with much more affordable costs and high level of medical standards. If you would like to schedule for a hair transplant in our clinic, please get in touch with us.


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