Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Romania

Updated on Tuesday 04th October 2016

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Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Romania Image
Hair transplants in Romania, Turkey, as well as in other numerous countries around the globe are becoming increasingly popular with many local and international celebrities confessing publicly they have undertaken these types of procedures to restore their image and self-esteem.

Prices for hair transplants in Turkey and Romania

The prices for hair transplants in both Turkey and Romania vary depending on different factors. The majority of clinics charge by the graft while some others, by the whole session. Prices are also influenced by the clinic location, hence the labor, medical equipment and material costs, the degree of the patient’s hair loss and the desired outcome.

When it comes to the prices for hair transplants in Romania, generally one performed using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method costs as an average around EUR 1.85 per graft for a large session involving 3,200 grafts. A similar procedure in Turkey however costs around EUR 1.5 per graft. As a total, a 3,200 FUE method hair transplant procedure in Romania would cost around EUR 5,920, while a similar operation in Turkey is priced at EUR 4,800, saving patients around EUR 1,100, which represents an approximate saving of 20%. 

Advantages of being charged per graft for a hair transplant in Turkey

There are several advantages of being charged per graft for a hair transplant in Turkey, as mentioned below:

•    The patient is charged only for the number of grafts that are transferred and prepared;
•    The Turkey hair transplant surgeon can formulate specific plans to correct certain bald areas based on numbers;
•    The estimations are accurate since for each follicular unit that is calculated for a certain area, the same calculations are applied for the recipient area;
•    The patient is aware he or she will obtain the desired results.

Our hair transplant physicians in Turkey have effectuated numerous hair transplants for patients coming from all over the world with a 100% success rate. Please do get in touch with us for a personalized offer.


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