Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Portugal

Updated on Monday 03rd October 2016

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Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Portugal Image
If you are suffering from hair loss and are looking for a rapid, painless, permanent, natural-looking and affordable treatment, search no further! Hair transplants in Turkey represent the right solution at extremely affordable costs. It is a choice many Portuguese patients are making because of the lower costs for this procedure in Turkey compared to those of Portugal

Prices of hair transplants in Turkey vs. Portugal

The prices of hair transplants in Turkey and Portugal vary largely depending on the individual needs of each patient, the hair transplantation method used and the desired outcome. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method  is more expensive in both Turkey and Portugal, because it represents a more modern technique, it is more time consuming and it requires more skills and talent from the surgeon performing it. In such a surgery, each particular follicular unit has to be extracted by hand from the donor area by the physician.

A FUE hair transplant in Portugal would cost an average of around EU 2,000 for 500 grafts up to EU 6,000 for 2,000 grafts.

The average prices for a FUE hair transplant in Turkey are around EU 1,500 to EU 2,500, allowing the patient to save approximately EU 3,500, more than 50% of the costs of hair transplants in Portugal.

Why our hair transplant clinic in Turkey?

Even since our inception, our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey aimed to perform natural looking, painless and permanent hair transplants for our patients who are coming from all over the world. Here are the main reasons our patient choose us:

•    Reliable and safe: We have effectuated numerous successful hair transplant surgeries. Because of our thorough experience, hair transplants in our clinic are safe and rapid, being performed under the highest standards of professionalism without complications;
•    Quick: We perform surgeries in a short time, transplanting thousands of grafts in one single session, allowing our patients to get back to their normal lives as quick as possible;
•    Natural looking results: Our patients are extremely happy with the results, which are natural looking and permanent.
•    Pain free: We use anesthesia to make sure the surgery is absolutely pain free and it leaves no swelling. 
•    Cost effective: The costs of hair transplants in our clinic in Turkey are much lower than in most Western European or more developed countries. 

If you would like to schedule for a hair transplant procedure at our clinic in Turkey or you need more detailed information about hair transplants, please get in touch with us


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