Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Netherlands

Updated on Monday 03rd October 2016

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Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Netherlands Image
Hair transplants with unnatural looking results are a thing of the past. Nowadays, with the latest medical developments in hair restoration techniques, hair transplant in Istanbul offers not only a permanent solution for hair loss sufferers, but also delivers results which look as if the hair was never restored. Also, hair restoration procedures are not considered a luxury anymore, with countries like Turkey offering such treatments at a fraction of the costs patients would have to pay in their own Western European countries. This also applies to Netherlands, which is one of the countries with the highest prices for hair transplantation

Making a price comparison for hair transplants between Turkey and Netherlands, our research revealed the following costs.

Cost of FUT hair transplant in Istanbul and Netherlands

The FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) method in both Turkey and Netherlands is less expensive, as it is a more traditional hair transplant technique which implies harvesting a large tissue from the back of the head, generating thousands of follicular unit groups that grow naturally. These groups are then implanted on the bald zones. 

The average costs for a FUT hair transplant surgery in Turkey and Netherlands are:

•    In Turkey: approximately EU 1,500;
•    In Netherlands: around EU 3,000 for 750 grafts.

Price of FUE hair transplant in Turkey and Netherlands

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant technique is the most costly in both countries because it consists of extracting by hand each follicular unit and then transplanting them on the bald areas of the scalp. This type of surgery lasts longer and requires more attention from the surgeon undertaking it, however the results are much more natural looking and it leaves minimal scarring. 

A FUE hair transplant in Istanbul and Netherlands costs around:

•    In Turkey: from EU 1,400 to EU 2,600;
•    In Netherlands: EU 2,200 to EU 8,800.

After seeing this price comparison for hair transplants between Turkey and Netherlands, one can easily understand why Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for such procedures, not only because of the costs, but also due to the high level of medical services which are delivered in this country. 

If you suffer from hair loss, our Turkey hair transplant experts can provide the appropriate solution which can last a lifetime. Please get in touch with us if you would like to make an appointment for a hair transplant with our clinic in Istanbul.


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