Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Japan

Updated on Monday 02nd January 2017

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Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Japan Image
According to the Japanese Dermatological Association, there are around 8 million men in Japan who are worried about hair loss. With high costs of living and employment workforce, Japan is one of the countries with high prices for hair transplants. The solution is handy: a trip to Turkey for a hair restoration in our clinic, which is much cheaper, has permanent results and, most importantly perhaps, renders extremely natural looking results which cannot be classified as hair transplants even by hair stylists.

Prices for hair transplants in Turkey and Japan

When it comes to the prices for hair transplants in Turkey and Japan, patients from Japan can be relieved to know they do not have to put aside a small fortune to get a hair transplant done in Istanbul. Prices in Japan for hair restorations average at around USD 4 per graft, resulting in a total cost of approximately USD 11,200 for a FUE hair transplant necessitating 2,800 grafts. The price for a similar hair restoration procedure in Turkey, however, is of only around USD 4,390, at USD 1.57 per graft. Therefore, Japanese patients can save more than 50% on average when they come to Turkey for this kind of procedures.

Different hair transplant methods and their costs in Turkey

In short terms, hair transplantation can be achieved through two hair restoration methods:

•    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUT): it utilizes strips of hair extracted from the donor areas of the scalp and which are then transplanted on the areas without hair. It is a more traditional technique, being easier to achieve and therefore it is less costly;
•    Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): in this hair restoration method, single hair follicles are harvested and then transplanted on the hairless scalp zones. As it requires more skills from the surgeon who effectuates it and a possibly more sessions in order to render the desired outcomes, the FUE technique is more expensive than the more traditional FUT one.

The price involving a hair restoration is perhaps the most important aspect when considering such a procedure. The low prices of hair transplants in Turkey reflect the costs of living and employment workforce in this country, the operations being effectuated in our clinic by licensed physicians who have achieved successful results for numerous clients ever since our inception. Our clinic provides high quality services and state of the art technology, similar to those in Japan and any other Western European country.

If you would like to receive a personalized offer for a hair transplant with us, we invite you to contact our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul.


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