Price Comparison for Hair Transplant Turkey vs. Iceland

Updated on Thursday 03rd August 2017

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An important aspect to consider when analyzing the cost of a hair transplant is the location of the clinic where it is effectuated in.
In the entire world, there are numerous clinics which effectuate these procedures. However, in Western Europe, including Iceland, the prices of hair transplants are much higher than in Turkey.
That is mainly because the cost of workforce and living expenses are higher than in Easter Europe countries like Turkey.

The hair transplant industry in Turkey

At the present, Turkey is the leader in the international hair transplant industry, with yearly revenues of one billion dollars from surgical hair restoration.
The most important factor which makes Turkey such an attractive country for hair transplants is the high quality care which comes at extremely low prices.
Usually, the costs of a FUE Turkey hair transplant ranges from:
USD 1,200 for up to 2,000 hair grafts;
USD 1,800 for maximum 3,000 grafts;
USD 2,000 for up to 5,000 hair grafts.
In Western European countries like Island, the costs of such hair transplants are much higher, ranging from USD 9,300 to USD 25,000.
However, the prices of hair transplants in both Iceland and in Turkey may vary depending on the operation complexity, the number of grafts which are transplanted and the hair restoration method which is used.
Even so, a hair transplant in Istanbul will enable you to save up to 80% compared to other Western European countries like Iceland.

How come Turkey has such low fees for hair transplants?

The high prices of hair restorations in Western European countries and the U.S. are driven up by high administrative costs, insurance contracts and pricy labor expenses.
The World Health Organization recently stated that in excess of 70% of the medical costs are influenced by labor.
That is the main reason why the fees for a hair transplant in Turkey are much lower than other Western European countries like Iceland.
In order to receive a price offer for a hair transplant in our Istanbul clinic, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly staff.


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