Price Comparison for Hair Transplant: Turkey vs. Belgium

Updated on Wednesday 11th October 2017

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Would you like to regain your self-confidence and become even more successful in your personal and professional life? A hair transplant in Turkey delivers the ideal solution for those who suffer from hair loss and want to have it done in a safe, state-of-the-art environment which does not cost a fortune. 

For patients who come from Belgium, hair transplant procedures in this country can prove to be quite expensive and they might not be available for the average person. For them, too, hair transplant procedures in Istanbul prove to be the right choice.

As follows, we make a brief comparison for hair transplants between Turkey and Belgium.

What is the price of hair transplant in Turkey vs. Belgium?

Making a basic price comparison for hair transplant between Turkey and Belgium, our research proves that an FUE hair transplant is the most expensive in Belgium.

As an average, the typical price of an FUE hair transplant in Belgium can vary depending on the location and the physician, however, it ranges at around EUR 4,197. In Turkey, however, a similar procedure costs only approximately EUR 1,700, saving you about 80% of your hard earned money.

As about the more traditional FUT (strip) hair transplant method, the prices also differ in both countries depending on the number of grafts which have to be transplanted and a number of other considerations. 

However, as an average, for an FUT hair transplant requiring 2,000 to 3,000 grafts, in Belgium such a procedure would cost around EUR 5,700 to 8,550, while in Turkey only EUR 1,480. This way, by coming to Turkey for a hair transplant, you can save more than 80% of the entire costs, also.

Turkey hair transplant advantages

Turkey has recently become a major player in the hair transplant industry, with numerous modern, safe and high standard technology clinics, with qualified physicians and medical staff.

Not only does Turkey provide extremely advantageous costs related to hair transplants, but it also offers numerous other advantages, being an extremely easy country to travel to and from, with a welcoming culture and a rich and interesting history.

If you would like to make an appointment for an initial consultation with one of our reputed surgeons, we invite you to contact our hair transplant clinic in Turkey.


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