One Month after FUE Hair Transplant: What to Expect

Updated on Monday 14th August 2017

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One Month after FUE Hair Transplant: What to Expect Image
Even though a FUE hair transplant in Turkey takes less than a day to be effectuated, there are certain aspects to be taken into account in the months following such surgery. The final outcomes will take longer to be noticed, even though the new hairline can be observed immediately.

In this article we will describe what to expect one month after a FUE hair transplant. Keep in mind that every patient is different, so there can be variations depending on each person.

First day after the FUE hair transplant in Turkey

Generally, patients are advised to very gently wash their hair to eliminate any blood. A certain discomfort, numbness and oozing can be usually expected from the recipient site

End of first week after the surgery

By this time, the swelling normally has retracted. Redness has become less visible or even disappeared. There can be some crusting left over which can be softly removed from the donor area.

On the transplanted area, the grafts are extracted and they cannot be removed. In case patients still present any scabbing, they are advised to wash their scalp more vigorously until the scabs are eliminated.

On the donor area, by the end of the first week after a hair transplant procedure, the majority of patients do not have any signs of a procedure having been effectuated.

There can be some itching and a mild burning sensation, which indicate that the scalp skin is healing. 

The second week after the FUE hair transplant in Istanbul

By the tenth day after the FUE hair transplant in Istanbul, the transplanted hair grafts should be firm in place. Patients could also experience that the restored hair grafts are starting to shed, which is an entirely normal process.

The hair can be washed with normal shampoos, combing or brushing and it can be trimmed if the patient wants to.


One month after the procedure

One month after the FUE hair transplant, it is important to know what to expect. Keep in mind that by the end of the third week, the transplanted hair still sheds. After four weeks, the hair follicles enter a rest stage and the patient has the same looks as he or she did before the operation. It is possible now to dye the hair.

The transplanted hairs have shed, the redness has disappeared and it is basically now that the patient begins waiting for the new hair to grow, which will happen in around two months.

Therefore, there is no reason to panic if you see the hair shedding right now. Patients are advised one month after the FUE hair transplant to wash their hair as usual. Also, the hair can be cut and styled as they wish.

It is now when patients could observe the appearance of pimples on the scalp skin. In case they notice more than two or three of them, they are advised to contact our hair transplant physician in Istanbul who will prescribe the best course of treatment.

It is recommended that patients avoid sun exposure, because this could cause an altered pigmentation of the donor or transplanted areas.

If you would like to know more about what to expect one month after a FUE hair transplant, please get in touch with our Turkey hair transplant clinic.


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