Medical Micro Pigmentation in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 29th June 2016

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Medical micro pigmentation in Turkey, also known as medical tattooing, is a relatively new hair restoration technique to apply permanent color into the tissue. It is a quite artistic and specialized procedure consisting of inserting an organic pigment under the skin to create a permanent and natural outcome. 

Medical scalp micro pigmentation in Turkey

Medical scalp micro pigmentation in Turkey represents the latest development in non-surgical hair restoration for men and women who suffer from hair loss. The treatment involves application of natural pigments on the scalp skin which reproduce the natural appearance of hair follicles or aspects, depending on the expected outcome and the degree of hair loss. 

Our team of professionals who are qualified in this technique is careful to follow the natural growth line of the hair pattern, which does not always naturally develop in the same direction. They are also aware that hairs can grow in various shades, therefore they utilize different pigment shades in order to create the most natural looking aspect. 

Medical scalp micro pigmentation in Turkey can be performed for all types of hair loss, on all ages, skin types and colors and it can help both men and women regain their confidence by restoring the appearance of their hair.

Who undertakes medical scalp micro pigmentation in Turkey?

Medical scalp micro pigmentation in Turkey is different from a regular tattoo in the sense that it very much depends on the type and degree of hair loss. The hair transplant professionals in Istanbul who undertake such procedures are medically trained to diagnose hair loss and to recognize hair patterns. Besides, the devices and pigments used for medical scalp micro pigmentation differ a lot from those utilized for regular tattoos. The skin of the head is very different from that of other zones of the body, requiring special medical qualification and training. 

Color persistence

Our hair transplant doctors in Turkey are able to perform medical micro pigmentation with natural looking results. In the first few weeks after the procedure however, it is expected for the pigment to slightly fade. Also, in the course of a lifetime, depending on the patient’s life style, exposure to sunlight, age, products used for washing and others, the color of the medical scalp micro pigmentation might decrease in intensity. 

Please let us know if you need to know more about medical micro pigmentation in Turkey or if you desire to make an appointment for this type of hair restoration procedure.


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