Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 30th June 2016

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Every single hair transplant procedure is unique and has to be customized to the individual needs of each patient. The patient’s personal wishes are the main aspects taken into consideration for our consultation. The personal consultation is the time when the surgeon, together with the client, decide how many grafts will be needed in order to achieve the desired outcome. Therefore, the costs of hair transplant procedures in Turkey depend largely on the number of grafts used and the type of procedure chosen, be it FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) or FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).

Cost of FUE in Turkey compared to other countries

The individual costs for hair follicles/grafts depend on various factors like the patient’s approval to shave the recipient area for the transplantation of the grafts. 
Generally, the costs of FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey average from:

•    USD 1,200 for maximum 2,000 grafts;
•    USD 1,800 for up to 3,000 grafts;
•    USD 2,000 for maximum 5,000 grafts. 

However, costs of a similar procedure in other countries can range from:

•    USD 9,300 to USD 20,000 in the U.K., allowing you to save up to USD 18,000;
•    USD 6,000 to USD 22,500 in Germany, saving you up to USD 17,500;
•    USD 7,000 to USD 25,000 in the U.S., saving you up to USD 20,000.

As previously stated, the prices of FUE hair transplant procedures are general, as they greatly depend on the complexity of the surgery, the number of grafts that are used and the hair transplant method utilized. Whichever the final cost of a hair transplant in Turkey might be, you can still save up to 80% with such a procedure being undertaken in our clinic in Istanbul.

Why are the prices for hair transplant so low in Turkey?

The hair transplant procedure prices in Western European countries and the U.S. are influenced by administrative prices, insurance contracts and mostly labor costs. According to a recent report of the World Health Organization, more than 70% of the medical costs are driven up by labor. Here is the main reason why the expenses for a hair transplant in Turkey are much lower than in other more developed countries. Nevertheless, success is our primary concern, our surgeons having a proven track record of successful hair transplants.

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