Follicular Unit Transplantation in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 15th February 2017

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A lot of hair transplant procedures are accomplished by using the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) method to relieve hair loss conditions. Being one of the most popular treatments in the cosmetic and hair loss restoration methods, FUT in Turkey is an advanced technique that allows the hair to grow in the bald zones more effectively and less invasively. 

In FUT, the physician utilizes microscopic dissection to divide these follicular units in a manner that is extremely similar to the natural hair growth. This method has become acknowledged by numerous personalities in the hair restoration field as an advanced hair restoration technique suitable for both men and women who suffer from pattern alopecia.

Some specialists refer to the FUT method as the “gold standard” of the hair transplant surgery in Istanbul. The experienced and talented surgeon who undertakes this type of operation is extremely familiar with the different harvesting techniques.

The FUT harvesting technique generates a whole graft that is surrounded by plenty of healthy tissue around to sustain it during the transplantation procedure. Since every graft is attentively sectioned by hand with the use of a microscope, the graft is not transected and the supporting tissues are untouched.

All these facts ensure the survival of the grafts that are transplanted and eventually lead to a successful, natural looking result.

We invite you to watch the following video about the FUT technique used in Turkey:


Definition of FUT in Turkey

FUT, also known as the donor strip method, consists of extracting a large piece from the scalp from the back of the head, creating thousands of naturally growing follicular unit groups (generally referred to as grafts). These grafts are then implanted into the bald zones of the scalp with small incisions. If properly effectuated, these incisions confer the transplanted hair follicles direction, angle, spacing, and depth so that the doctor can form and generate a hairline that looks natural.

Advantages of FUT in Turkey

There are many advantages to using the FUT method for hair transplantation in Turkey. Some of these are:

•    FUT is extremely effective, being able to create a natural looking hairline, to properly frame the face and to confer thorough coverage to the areas lacking natural hair;
•    Less invasive: the original blood stream remains untouched;
•    The surgery itself doesn’t last long, allowing the patient to go on with his daily life and work;
•    It confers natural looking results and unnoticeable scars; 
•    It produces all-out hair growth;
•    It doesn’t require such a long learning curve as the FUE method;
•    Turkish FUT is extremely cost-effective compared to other hair transplant methods.

Why FUT in Turkey?

Planning to introduce tax-free healthcare areas created specifically for foreign patients, The Ministry of Health in Turkey forecasted, based on the previous years numbers of medical visitors, that the number of medical tourists in Turkey would grow to an impressive 500,000 by 2015 and 2 million by 2023. With extremely affordable prices and an interesting and welcoming tourism industry, Turkey is the leading country when it comes to hair transplant restoration procedures.  The local doctors provide quality and extremely successful hair transplantations in Turkey, having extensive experience and positive outcomes. 

Our surgeons operate hair transplants in Turkey from a state-of-the-art facility that utilizes modern medical equipment and methods perfected over the course of many years to insure patients from all over the world that they benefit from the latest hair restoration methods. Please contact our Istanbul hair transplant doctors for more information. 


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