Female Hairline Lowering Procedure

Updated on Tuesday 04th October 2016

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Female Hairline Lowering Procedure Image
Female hairline lowering procedure (also named scalp advancement or forehead reduction) is a surgical method effectuated in our clinic which enables a patient to have her frontal hairline brought forward a certain length depending on different conditions, like pre-op hairline height, scalp laxity and patient desires. The common female hairline midpoint that is considered the most attractive is generally five to six centimeters above a point situated between the top of the nose and the eyebrows. 

How is the female hairline lowering procedure performed?

The hairline lowering procedure for women is begun by effectuating a non-repeating, unequal incision within the thin hairs of the anterior hairline. This incision dissects across the hair shafts, leaving though untouched the bulb of the hair follicle. This technique enables hair growth through the scar, which assists in hiding it. By effectuating these techniques, the hair transplant surgeons in Turkey attempt to generate a similar transition area as encountered in follicular unit grafting. The hairline therefore has a natural, undetectable appearance.

After the incision, the scalp is winched up all the way to the posterior side. To reduce bleeding, the Turkey hair transplant surgeon undertaking the procedure will utilize tumescence. Thorough undermining, which is an operation used to separate the scalp from the head muscles and supporting tissues to enhance elasticity, is effectuated at this point, being bloodless and quick. In the forehead, incision is effectuated to just below where the patient desires the hairline to reach. The scalp is afterwards pushed forward and the surplus hairless forehead skin is eliminated with an incision that is parallel to the oblique one.

Recovering from the hairline lowering procedure

After the hairline lowering operation, the cuts will be covered with a dressing. The stitched can dissolve, or they could be extracted by a physician in around one week’s time. The majority of patients take a short break from work and their normal activities of around a week, though they can get back to their usual activities after two to three days from the date of the operation. A certain degree of swelling and bruising could occur, in some cases even leading to “black eyes”. In case this happens, patients are advised to apply ice compresses to decrease swelling and discomfort. Doctors recommend that the head and neck are elevated and instructions on recovery are strictly respected.

Our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul are extremely experienced in effectuating hairline lowering procedures for numerous women. We invite you to contact us if you are interested to undergo this type of operation in our Turkey hair transplant clinic.


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