Eyebrow Transplantation in Turkey

Updated on Wednesday 08th June 2016

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If you are experiencing permanent hair loss at the eyebrows or you are beginning to go through thinning because of genetic reasons, over plucking, or illnesses, the eyebrow transplantation in Turkey is the right solution to your problem. Just like other facial hair transplants, this type of procedure is an extremely artistic one, the brow being individually shaped established on the facial type and features, with customized results for each patient. 

Eyebrow transplantation procedure in Turkey

The eyebrow transplant in Turkey is effectuated in our state-of-the-art clinic. Firstly, the physician establishes together with the patient the design of the eyebrow in order to make sure that the results are extremely aesthetic and as natural looking as possible. For this kind of procedure, our physicians use the Follicular Unit Extraction method (FUE), the follicular units being harvested from the scalp and then implanted on the eyebrows area. The area of the implant is treated with local anesthesia so that the patient does not experience any pain. Depending on the extent of the eyebrow transplant in Turkey – if it is a small restoration meant to conceal a scar or a full one, for thick eyebrows – the transplantation can consist of between 50 and 400 grafts per eyebrow, with each graft being comprised of one or two follicular hairs. When the operation is finished, the donor areas are bandaged and the patient is able to leave the clinic in the same day with the least amount of pain.

Recovery after the eyebrow transplant in Turkey

In approximately five days from the procedure, the patient could experience a certain redness and small crusts around each implanted hair, with some rare cases undergoing important bruising and swelling around the eyes in the first three days. Differently from other hair transplant methods in Turkey, the main advantage of the eyebrow transplant is that the patient is able to return to his or her daily activities the following day after the operation. The hair on the donor area will grow fully in only two weeks’ time. 

As about the transplanted eyebrows, the hair grows in cycles: soon after the operation, the transplanted follicles will fall and the eyebrow will regain its looks from before the procedure. After that, the implanted hair will begin to regrow in three months. After nine months to maximum a year, the eyebrow newly transplanted hair will be fully regrown. 

With extremely low costs compared to same procedures in the UK or US, our hair transplant clinic in Turkey specializes in hair restoration procedures, with numerous patients from all over the world being happy with the results we helped them achieve. If you would like to know more about the eyebrow transplantation in Turkey, please contact one of our hair transplant physicians in Istanbul


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