Ethnic Hair Transplant in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 08th December 2016

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Ethnic hair transplants in Turkey refer to hair restoration methods that are customized to meet the needs of patients based on their ethnical background. These hair transplantation techniques are specifically designed to render extremely natural looking, successful results for patients who present characteristic traits based on the ethnical groups which they belong to. These ethnical groups can be Hispanic, Asian,  Indian, African American and so on. At the initial discussion with our hair transplant specialists in Istanbul, our surgeons will present you with the options available and the treatment plan which is tailor-made to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Common ethnic hair characteristics for hair transplants in Turkey

When it comes to hair characteristics in ethnic hair transplants in Turkey, some of them include:

•    The Hispanic patients can have different hair characteristics based on their origins, however hair loss is often met between them. A hair transplant physician in Turkey should be aware of the cultural diversity of patients with Hispanic origins and respect it in order to create the most natural looking outcomes;
•    African American patients generally have a coarser hair that grows with a curved form. It is important for the surgeon who undertakes the hair transplant in Turkey to take this characteristic into account when extracting hair grafts to transplant them, as it can be hard to observe the curved shape under the skin. Also, in order to render the most aesthetic outcomes, the hairline created should be characteristic for this ethnic group;
•    Asian descent patients are well known to have straight and thick black hair, as well as a lower and wider hairline. When implanting the hair grafts, the physician should be careful to place them at low angles, so that the hair looks natural and it lays on a straight line.

Ethnic hair transplant methods in Turkey

Personalized implantation and harvesting methods are used to create the specific hairlines in ethnic hair transplants in Turkey. At the same time, our experienced surgeons also take into consideration the patient’s age, head shape, gender, degree of hair loss, as well as facial characteristics in order to generate the most aesthetic outcomes which will also look great as the years go by. 

For more details about the ethnic hair restoration in Turkey, or if you wish to schedule a consultation with our Turkey hair transplant surgeons, please get in touch with us today!


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