Body Hair Transplant in Turkey

Updated on Monday 19th June 2017

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Body hair transplant in Turkey means that hairs from the body of a patient are transplanted into the scalp in order to restore their hair. It is more frequent in male patients and is mostly used when the donor area (situated at the back of the head) is poor.

Areas from which the body hair is extracted from

Body hair transplant in Turkey is achieved using the latest Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method and with highly advanced medical instruments. It implies the extraction of hair follicles with precise punches and transplanting them into the hair thinning areas.

Generally the area where the body hair is extracted from is the one under the chin (the beard) because the beard hair is the only one with a quick growth rate which matches the one of the scalp hair.

However, depending on the patient’s type of scalp hair, body hair transplant in Turkey can imply transplanting hairs from other areas of the body as well, such as shoulders, chest, stomach, arms and legs.

Benefits of body hair transplant in Turkey

For a long period of time, a large percentage of patients were refused to be given a hair transplant because of their severe baldness which affected the donor areas of the scalp. With body hair transplant in Turkey, this issue is eliminated as there is virtually an unlimited amount of hair which can be extracted from the body. 

The most important benefits of transplanting body hair into the scalp are as follows:

•    It can be achieved on patients suffering from severe baldness (including the ones who suffer from advanced androgenetic alopecia also known as male-pattern baldness or broad scarring from previous surgeries or accidents);
•    It can be successfully used for patients who necessitate eyebrow transplants;
•    It does not imply utilizing staples, sutures or stitches;
•    It produces minimal scarring;
•    It is minimally invasive;
•    The recovery time is quick with donor area scabbing generally healing in maximum one week.

Who can benefit from a body hair transplant in Turkey?

The ideal candidates for a Turkey body hair transplant are patients whose body hair is very similar to the hair from the recipient site.

Or, a good candidate for such a hair restoration procedure can be someone who does not have enough hair on the scalp on the harvesting areas. 

Sometimes, patients prefer body hair over scalp hair. In these cases, a trial of body hair could be effectuated in order to analyze the appearance and the growth of the grafts.

If the eyebrows or temple points need hair restoration, certain sources of body hair might be better than others, due to the fact that the source can resemble more to the recipient area.

When selecting different types of body hair restoration, it is advisable to choose beard hair if consistent outcomes, in terms of yield, are the main objectives.

When attempting to match a hair with a certain hair type on the body, the hair transplant surgeon in Istanbul might sacrifice yield to improve the cosmetic match. 

Recovery from a body hair transplant in Istanbul

After a body hair transplant, in the first couple of weeks after the surgery, patients should avoid doing any intense physical activities.

They could also experience a period named “shedding”, when the superficial follicles fall from the scalp. However, new ones will start growing in their place shortly, so that the outcome will soon be visible. 

If you suffer from extensive hair loss, there is still hope for you due to the development of body hair transplants. With experience in artfully and delicately performing numerous successful body hair transplants, our hair transplant physicians in Turkey are looking forward to hearing from you. If you would like to schedule such a procedure with our clinic, please contact us.


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