What to Do when Hair Transplant in Turkey has to be Delayed

Updated on Wednesday 20th September 2017

What to Do when Hair Transplant in Turkey has to be Delayed Image
Certain patients who present hair loss may qualify for a delayed method to hair transplant in Turkey. This is mainly applicable to teenagers and extremely young adult male individuals who are starting to experience hair loss.
In this article, our physicians present a few important aspects about what to do when a hair transplant in Turkey has to be delayed.

Medical treatments for hair loss in Turkey

If a patient is starting to lose hair and proves not to be an immediate candidate for a Turkey hair transplant, he or she has the option of medical treatments. 
These treatments may consist of minoxidil (Rogaine) or finasteride (Propecia). The first can be utilized by both male and female patients, while the second, only by men.
Minoxidil is available over the counter at the present. It is used by being applied twice a day on the head. It can assist in slowing down the hair loss in some cases. In four to eight months, patients could notice a certain degree or hair regrowth.
Male patients register a higher strength than the female ones, with the risk of developing facial hair. However, if the minoxidil is stopped, the patients can lose any hair which may have been recollected or restored by the treatment.
Finasteride represents a pill which is taken only with prescription. It basically blocks the formation of the testosterone type which affects the hair growth.
Studies proved that finasteride may prevent hair loss in around 99% of men who have hereditary-pattern baldness, and that two thirds of them witness new growth of hair.

Scalp camouflaging agents in Turkey

Another method which can be used by our hair transplant physicians in Istanbul to delay a hair transplant consists in using scalp camouflaging agents.
These decrease the contrast of colors between a patient’s present hair and the scalp and result in a less visible scalp and a general appearance of increased hair density.
Scalp camouflaging agents can be:
Hair fibers;
Powder cakes;
Scalp lotions;
Scalp sprays;
Hair crayons;
Scalp tattooing, which is a permanent solution rather than a temporary one.
To find out more about strategies of cosmetic improvement when a delaying a hair transplant, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced hair transplant surgeons in Turkey, please contact us.

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