What Should I Avoid Doing after a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Updated on Friday 04th August 2017

What Should I Avoid Doing after a Hair Transplant in Turkey? Image
A hair transplant procedure in Turkey is an important step to take and the post op instructions should always be followed to ensure the results are the ones you have wished for.

Here are a few of the most important things to avoid doing after a hair transplant in Turkey.

Our hair transplant specialists in Turkey advise you to avoid smoking

Smoking tobacco, mainly long term and heavy smoking, has a lot of negative effects on the body. Smoking, besides the numerous health hazards it brings, can decrease the elasticity of the blood vessels in the skin.

This way, the blood supply to the hair transplant in Turkey is diminished, increasing the risk of hair restoration failure.

A decreased blood supply to the skin, therefore to the transplanted hair, can be also caused by long-term exposure to second-hand smoking of tobacco.

Avoid the exposure to the sun

After a hair transplant operation in Istanbul, the patient can notice redness and swelling on the head. Therefore, the exposure to the sun should be avoided because it can irritate the swollen skin.

The sun exposure should be avoided for at least one month after the procedure. If the patient cannot avoid exposure to the sun, he or she is advised to wear a hat.

Swelling and redness can be decreased by placing an ice bag. However, patients are advised never to place it directly on the grafted zone.

Our hair transplant specialists advise you to avoid the alcohol consumption

Consumption of ethanol – which is found in alcoholic drinks like beer, hard liquors and wine – on the long term is another thing to avoid after a hair transplant in Turkey because it can cause excessive bleeding.

Patients are advised to stop using alcohol for days to even weeks before a Turkey hair transplant in order to decrease the risk of bleeding.

Avoid doing physical activities

Any physical exercises and outdoor activities should be ceased for the first month after the surgery. Make sure you avoid any activities which make you sweat. 

That is because sweating increases greatly the risk of an infection. Also, saunas and steams should be avoided for the same reason.

To find out more about the most important post hair transplant tips in Turkey, or to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly hair transplant staff in Istanbul.   

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