Most Common Afro Hair Problems

Updated on Tuesday 14th March 2017

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Hair loss can affect virtually anyone, no matter what their gender or ethnicity is. Afro-American and African men and women from all over the world can suffer from it, too.

When a patient of such ethnicity experiences hair loss and wants to permanently resolve the problem by undergoing a hair transplant in Turkey in our clinic, our surgeons know there are special issues though which need to be addressed and which are characteristic for this ethnic group.

Here are a couple of the most common Afro hair problems.

1.    Traction alopecia explained by our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul

The Afro hair has a formation in which issues can develop quite rapidly. In only one shaft of Afro hair, there are various textures, such as thick and fine, straight and curly. 

This confers individuals of African origins a great look, however, unfortunately, it is quite difficult to take care of the hair daily. It is common for Afro hair to tangle very easily, to become frizzy or to break quickly.

Usually, the most common African-American hair issues are connected to the methods used to make it easier to style, like the utilization of chemical relaxers, hair straighteners and irons and hair extensions.

These methods put a powerful tension and stress on the hairs and actually cause the hair follicles to be pulled out of their root, causing hair loss which is called Traction alopecia. Our Turkey hair transplant specialists can provide more details on this type of hair loss.

Traction alopecia looks like bald patches a lot of times in combination with a receding hairline, since many times the front of the scalp suffers the tension brunt.

2.    Other problems of Afro hair our hair transplant physicians in Turkey are aware of

Other issues of Afro hair that our hair transplant physicians in Turkey are aware of include that a lot of traditional Afro hair styles actually pretty much traumatize the hair with chemicals and thermal products which cause dryness.

Chemical treatments like coloring, too much heat when the hair is blow dried and styled cause the Afro hair to break, resulting in a dry one. 

More than that, hair breakage can be caused by hair traumas due to excessive brushing, weaving, back combing or too much exposure to UV light.

If you would like to know more about the Afro-American hair, or if you wish to schedule a hair transplant in Istanbul with our clinic, please contact us.

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