Instruments Used for FUE

Updated on Friday 12th May 2017

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As the hair transplant methods have developed in time, so did the instruments used for effectuating them. At the present, the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant method is the most advanced procedure in the hair restoration field. It requires the use of specific instruments to render the safest and natural looking results.

Here is a list of some of the instruments used for FUE by our Turkey hair transplant surgeons.

1.    The Cole instrument for FUE in Turkey

The Cole instrument for FUE used by our hair transplant specialists in Turkey represents the finest and less expensive of all FUE instruments, providing a superior quality for the grafts that are harvested during such a procedure.

2.    The Harris instrument

This instrument is the innovator in FUE surgeries. The punches effectuated by it are semi-sharped and assist in neophytes in FUE.

3.    Ellis Instruments used by our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey

The Ellis instruments utilized by our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul represent fine pieces of equipment which are used to extract graft. Because the forester forceps high grip has a firm grip, the grafts are not deteriorated.

4.    Implanters

These medical tools confer the required angle, curl and depth of the hair root, so that the desired density is achieved during the hair restoration procedure.

5.    The Carl Zeiss loupes

A Turkey hair transplant operation can be long, so the surgeon performing it can be affected by fatigue. However, the Carl Zeiss loupes comprise the most qualitative ergometery, which allows the physician to perform the surgery without being prone to fatigue for a long period of time.

6.    Optivisors used for a FUE hair transplant in Istanbul

These are loupes which are specifically projected to achieve a magnified vision. They deliver unparalleled quality of the vision and the appropriate magnification.

7.    Stereomicroscope

To have a magnified dissection of the roots by 6 to 10 times, the stereomicroscopes are utilized to confer the required curvature, so technicians can work with ease for long periods of time.

To find out more about the surgical instruments used, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey, we invite you to get in touch with us.

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