How Scalp Massage Can Prevent Hair Loss

Updated on Wednesday 01st February 2017

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Sometimes, our patients ask whether there are more non-invasive, natural prevention treatments for hair loss. Our hair transplant specialists in Turkey can recommend, besides using the right hair care products, having a balanced diet and styling the hair in the right way, a scalp massage which can prevent hair loss if effectuated regularly.

How exactly does a Turkey scalp massage prevent hair loss?

A scalp massage can increase the blood circulation to the hair, which can strengthen the hair roots and help feed the hair follicles. Besides, a massage of any kind helps a patient feel more relaxed and diminishes the stress, which may also be an important aspect leading to hair loss.

Even though an improved blood circulation is quite important for having a healthy hair, there is no scientific evidence which indicates that scalp massage by itself can help the hair to grow. Male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) is considered to be caused by the male hormone named dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which has nothing to do with the blood circulation.

Therefore, our hair transplant specialists in Turkey sometimes can recommend a scalp massage program which can be adopted by a patient interested in preventing hair loss, in addition to other treatments or medicines which, together, can have a positive effect in the hair loss prevention.

Scalp massage explained by our hair experts in Turkey

Briefly, a scalp massage is effectuated by taking the following steps:

•    Gently warm a tiny amount of oil;
•    Begin at the hairline with the fingers spread out towards the crown;
•    Gently push and move the fingers circularly;
•    Lightly massage the scalp down to the neckline;
•    Massage with circular motions the areas of the scalp above the temple, behind the ear and down towards the neck and repeat for each side;
•    Repeat gradually applying more pressure.

Not your favorite? Try instead…

If you notice that these hair scalp massages do not work for you, there is always a solution: an affordable and safe hair transplant in our Istanbul clinic. Hair transplantation with us is cost-effective, fast and effectuated under the latest medical standards. 

Do not hesitate to contact our Turkey hair transplant surgeons if you have any inquiries about how a scalp massage can prevent hair loss or the hair transplant surgeries we perform.

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