How does Chemotherapy Affect the Hair?

Updated on Thursday 09th March 2017

How does Chemotherapy Affect the Hair? Image
Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and will have chemotherapy face a problem which probably does not cross the minds of healthy individuals: the loss of hair

Hair loss represents one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy and cancer drugs in general. In this article, our hair transplant specialists in Turkey analyze how chemotherapy affects the hair and what can be done to eliminate this unpleasant side-effect.

Why chemotherapy causes hair loss as explained by our Turkey hair transplant surgeons

Chemotherapy medications represent strong drugs which quickly affect the growing cancer cells. However, these medications affect other growing cells in the patient’s organism, as well as those in the person’s hair roots.

Chemotherapy can cause hair loss on the entire body, not only on the head. In some cases, the hair may fall from other areas too, like the eyelash, the armpit, the eyebrow and so on. 

Certain chemotherapy medications are more likely to cause hair loss than others, and this may also depend on the dose prescribed by the physician. The hair loss can be a small thinning to even a total baldness.

Sometimes, the hair loss caused by chemotherapy can be permanent, although this may occur in rare cases. If that is your case, you need not to be worried: our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul can help you regain your hair by effectuating a hair transplant with permanent, natural looking results, at affordable costs. 

How to deal with hair loss caused by chemotherapy as advised by our Turkey hair transplant doctors

If you are about to undertake a chemotherapy treatment and a total hair loss is to be expected, our Turkey hair transplant surgeons advise you to take the following measures:

•    Consider having your hair cut short before beginning the treatment;
•    Some patients prefer to completely shave off their hair to prevent distress of seeing their hair falling;
•    Look for a wig which can match your natural hair or for one which can offer you a new look, or why not, even several;
•    Find out alternative options in case the hair loss will be permanent, like a hair transplant in Turkey with our modern and safe clinic.

If you would like us to make the necessary arrangements for you to have a hair transplant in Istanbul, please contact us.

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