Hair Transplants for East Asians

Updated on Tuesday 25th April 2017

Hair Transplants for East Asians Image Turkey hair transplants for patients of East Asian origin – namely, of Korean, Chinese and Japanese origins – present numerous similarities with hair restorations for Caucasian patients. However, there are certain aspects which differ in hair transplants for East Asians.

How do hair transplants for East Asians differ from Caucasians?

When treating East Asian hair loss through a hair transplant in Turkey, our experienced surgeons know that they have certain unique characteristics which differentiate them from Caucasians, such as:

•    East Asians have thicker hair than Caucasians, which might create the appearance of fake fullness. However, in case of a hair loss, patients of East Asian descent have fewer hairs per square centimeter than patients of other origins;
•    Also, the caliber of an East Asian patient’s individual hair is the thickest of all origins. This means that the transplanted hairlines for him or her sometimes might not look natural. Our hair transplant physicians in Istanbul, however, overcome this problem by using the most modern hair restoration techniques that allow them to harvest finer hairs from certain areas of the patient’s head and utilize them at the edges of the hairline to create a natural looking outcome.

Sometimes, more often than Caucasians, patients of East Asian origins are predisposed to developing keloids because of skin injuries. A patient who presents a history of keloid formation might necessitate an evaluation before a hair transplant procedure in Turkey.

Cultural differences which influence a hair transplant in Istanbul

Cultural and custom aspects can also influence a patient’s option in regards to the placement of the hairline, the head coverage and other elements of a hair transplant in Istanbul.

Hair transplants for East Asians are most of the times characterized by different expectations of the final outcome. Therefore, it is important that the patient and the surgeon effectuating the procedure both entirely understand what the desired outcome is and what can be expected after such an operation.

If you are interested in hair transplants for East Asians, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our hair transplant clinic in Turkey

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