Finding the Right Physician for Your Hair Transplant in Turkey

Updated on Thursday 21st September 2017

Finding the Right Physician for Your Hair Transplant in Turkey Image
Finding the right physician for your hair transplant in Turkey is extremely important because this is a serious surgery which requires plenty of training, experience and skills.
Remember, however, that a hair restoration is a team effort. During such a procedure, the physician removes the donor tissue from the back of the patient’s head, suture the area and then hand this tissue to the technicians who dissect it into grafts.
The grafts are then placed by a technician team with the surgeon’s guidance on the area which suffers from hair loss. This practice enables the surgeon to effectuate large sessions and to transplant thousands of grafts in one single session.

The training and credentials of the hair transplant surgeon in Istanbul

When thinking about undergoing a hair transplant in Istanbul, it is extremely important to find out the training and the credentials possessed by the surgeon who will effectuate the procedure.
Therefore, ask questions about the surgeon’s training, such as:
From what medical university did the surgeon receive his or her M.D. (allopathic medical) or D.O. (osteopathic medical) degree?
In what year did he or she obtain the medical degree?
In what year did the physician obtain the license to practice medicine? Is he or she licensed to practice medicine in Turkey?
In which medical center or hospital did the surgeon effectuate his or her internship and residency training?
Did he or she undertake any additional training in a medical or surgical specialty after finishing the medical residency?
Other questions. We can assist you in informing you what these other questions should consist of.

During the initial consultation in Turkey

During the initial consultation in Turkey, here are a couple of tips which you should remember:
Ensure that you are evaluated by an actual physician, the one who will effectuate the hair transplant procedure in Turkey. Even though a non-physician can answer general questions, the examination should be undertaken by the physician and he or she should be the person who makes all the treatment recommendations;
Ensure you are thoroughly evaluated, including an evaluation of the hair density which should be verified with a densitometer. Also, the scalp has to be assessed for laxity.
For more tips on choosing a hair transplant surgeon, or if you would like to schedule for a hair transplant procedure in Turkey with us, please speak to our friendly staff.

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