Details about the New Hairline after a Hair Transplant

Updated on Tuesday 08th August 2017

Details about the New Hairline after a Hair Transplant Image
A receding hairline represents a type of progressive hair loss in which the hair thinning, mainly on the forehead sides, occurs, before becoming a full baldness. In this article, our hair transplant specialists in Turkey describe a few important details about the new hairline after a hair transplant.

Hair line restoration explained by our hair transplant physicians in Turkey

The hairline restoration represents something that the patient, together with the Turkey hair transplant physicians, have to make sure will have a positive result.

The best hairline restored through a hair transplant in Istanbul is one which looks natural, blending perfectly with the other facial features and other hair transplant surgeries the patient might have undergone.

Surgically placing the hairline through a hair transplant is an aesthetic decision which has to be made after thoroughly discussing with the hair restoration specialist.

This specialist can help the patient take the right decision in connection with the new hairline, since his or her perspective is professional and three-dimensional.

The idea is that the surgeon sees the patient, assesses the hair restoration he or she needs and does so in a global perspective. While the patient’s view is just what he or she observes in the mirror.

Even though the patient might want a hairline that used to be there before the balding process started, the physician could recommend other alternatives based on other aspects, like the need for a future hair transplant procedure while the hair loss continues.

How does the FUE hair transplant in Istanbul restore the hairline?

At the initial consultation with one of our experienced hair transplant surgeons in Turkey, he or she will advise the patient on the most appropriate course of action for his or her hairline.

It is important to keep in mind that every patient is different, with patients having different hair growths and hair loss patterns, therefore a hair transplant is not always recommended – especially for relatively young patients.

After agreeing on the most appropriate hairline, the physician will graft the hairs to restore the hairline, following the patient’s particular natural pattern and hairline shape. 

Then, he or she will implant the hairs so that they will have a natural growth pattern, matching the angle and the degree at which the hair grows naturally.

For more details about the surgical hairline, or to schedule a hair transplant procedure in Turkey with our clinic, we invite you to speak to our friendly staff. 

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