Causes and Treatments for Dandruff

Updated on Monday 27th February 2017

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Dandruff is a common condition met by our hair transplant specialists in Turkey which represents the shedding of dead skin from the head. This disorder affects nearly 50% of the world’s population. It important to note that a certain amount of dead skin flaking is normal, however, some patients may experience a heavier flaking, which can also occur together with scalp irritation and redness.

Causes of dandruff explained by our hair transplant professionals in Istanbul

According to our hair transplant professionals in Istanbul, dandruff may be caused by reasons such as:

•    Dry skin: dry skin commonly generates smaller, less oily flakes. When dandruff appears on dry skin scalps, irritation and redness are less probable to appear;
•    Not washing often enough: if the hair is not washed often enough, oils and skin cells from the head can add up, resulting in dandruff;
•    A fungus called malassezia: it lives on the heads of most adults. However, in some cases, it can irritate the skin of the scalp and cause dandruff to appear;
•    Oily, irritated skin (known as seborrheic dermatitis): it is characterized by greasy and red skin covered by flaky yellow or white scales. It can also affect the eyebrows, sides of the nose, the sternum, the back of the ears and sometimes the armpits;
•    Hair care products sensitivity, named contact dermatitis: in some patients, certain sensitivities to some hair ingredients or hair dye can occur, causing an itchy, red and scaly head skin;
•    Other causes: our Turkey hair transplant specialists can provide further details on what these other causes may consist of.

Treatments for dandruff recommended by our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey

The most common treatments for dandruff recommended by our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey consist of special shampoos and scalp preparations. Most of these shampoos contain at least one of the ingredients listed below:

•    Coal tar;
•    Ketoconazole;
•    Salicylic acids;
•    Zinc pyrithione;
•    Selenium sulphide;
•    Tea-tree oil;
•    Green Tea potential.

If you would like to know more about the causes and possible treatments for dandruff, or if you would like to have a hair transplant effectuated in our clinic, please contact our hair transplant physicians in Istanbul.

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