Aspects You Should Know Before a Hair Transplant

Updated on Friday 10th June 2016

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Aspects You Should Know Before a Hair Transplant Image
The typical hair loss causes generally are aging, change in hormones and genetics. Cosmetic operations, certain illnesses and medications are also known for contributing to general hair thinning. While a successful hair transplantation in Turkey could change your life, there are various aspects you should know before a hair transplant

Before choosing any hair loss treatment, it is recommended to discuss with your physician to discover the real reason for hair loss and the most appropriate treatment for it.

Side effects of a hair transplant

Some of the aspects you should know before a hair transplant are that, like most medical operations and surgeries, there are certain side effects to hair transplantation in Turkey. Some of them are as follows:

•    swelling of the scalp;
•    bleeding;
•    infections;
•    contusions around the eyes;
•    lack of senses in the treated areas of the head;
•    inflammation of the treated tissues of the head (folliculitis);
•    sudden loss of the implanted hair.

These side effects are most of the times negligible and tend to go away one to two weeks after the operation. If you feel these side effects are too uncomfortable, it is recommended to ask for advice from your hair transplant doctor in Turkey immediately to find the correct remediation.

Find out if you are a candidate

Another aspect you should know before a hair transplant procedure is that not every patient is suitable for a hair transplantation. First of all, the patient must present sufficient hair in the donor area so that it can be implanted to the recipient site. The density of the hair in the donor site determines the amount of available grafts. Other traits, like for example structure, hair color and thickness could also have an effect on the transplantation.

Secondly, some doctors do not recommend a hair transplant for patients who are too young. Surgery should not be undertaken if the patient is under 30 years of age because, although the hair loss effects can be reversed on a temporary basis, on the long term it might have worse results than before the hair transplantation. Undertaking another transplant could later be an option, however, because the hair is extracted from the donor area, there might not be enough of it left to repeat the operation several times. 

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