5 Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey

Updated on Tuesday 31st January 2017

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5 Benefits of Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey Image
Many men and women who suffer from permanent hair loss resort to hair transplant surgeries as a way to regain their self-confidence and improve their lives. Hair transplants have helped numerous individuals to improve their self-image and live happier lives, allowing them to feel better and more accomplished. 

In this article, we present five of the main benefits of hair transplant surgery in Turkey

1.    Natural results

The days when hair transplants rendered “doll-like”, unnatural results are long gone. With the modern hair transplant techniques in Istanbul, nowadays patients are able to enjoy entirely natural looking results. The newly transplanted hair will look as normal as the natural hair, without even experienced hair stylists being able to notice that a hair transplant procedure has been undertaken. In maximum one year after the hair restoration procedure, patients are able to see the full-grown results and enjoy an improved, younger look.

2.    Natural procedure

The hair restoration procedure is a 100% natural one. There is no need to worry about hair implants and hair transplant as being an unsafe procedure. While performing a hair transplant procedure, surgeons do not utilize any special chemicals, medicines or foreign units which could damage the hair. The newly transplanted hair will grow naturally from the patient’s own hair follicles. 

3.    Permanent results of a hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant procedures in Turkey render permanent results. After the initial post-op period has ended, patients do not have to utilize any special shampoos or treatments to stimulate the hair growth. Moreover, once effectuated, a hair transplantation renders permanent results which will last for a lifetime, as the newly transplanted hairs are genetically programmed to grow continuously, without ever permanently falling again in the areas where they were implanted.

4.    Short recovery period after a hair transplant in Istanbul

Hair transplants usually require a short recovery time, with patients being able to go back to work and their usual physical activities one week after undergoing such procedure. Generally, patients can, however, go back to their daily activities in a few days after a hair restoration operation. 

5.    Low costs

Turkey hair transplant procedures are extremely low cost, being effectuated in a safe environment and with the most up-to-date tools and techniques. While a hair restoration in Western Europe, North America or Australia could cost a small fortune, because of the low labor costs and living expensive, hair restoration procedures in Turkey are extremely cost-effective. Our hair transplant specialists in Istanbul can provide more exact details on the prices we practice.
If you made up your mind and decided to change your life in a positive way by undergoing a hair transplant procedure in Istanbul with our clinic, or if you would like to know more about the benefits of hair transplant surgery in Turkey, we invite you to contact us.


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